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Dawn Crystal Est:1984
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Dawn Crystal
established by master glass cutter Reg Everton in 1984. He wanted to open a glass shop where he could do unique and bespoke pieces, Reg had started in the glass trade in 1956 at Stuart Crystal factory He worked these as a cutter for 21 years then he left to become manager of a new glass factory Bridge Crystal 

he remained there until the company was taken over in 1983. He then decided to go into business for himself and opened his own shop on the then famous Crystal Mile right in the middle of the glass industry. Back then factory's such as Thomas Webb, Webb & Corbett, Royal Brierly Stuart Crystal & Tudor Crystal was all within a short distance of each other and thousands of people would come to the area to buy hand cut crystal glass,


In 1990 Reg's son came into the business to learn the trade along with glass cutting and glass repairs he also learn the art of glass engraving with a fine diamond drill engraver.
speciality is engraving animals such as elephants, leopards, tigers, horses, ect


around 2003 master engraver Stewart Davies started doing intaglio engraving for the company, Stewart had work as an engraver for Royal Brierly since 1974 he is also a 4th generation glass worker his grandfather was a glass designer back in the 19th century. And Stuart is keeping up the family tradition and is one of the best engravers in the country.



At Dawn Crystal we still keep up the old tradition of glass cutting and still use the old machines and wheels for cutting and as a result our work speaks for itself being among the best cut glass in the country. Today all the old glass factory,s and big names in glass are gone from the crystal mile leaving Dawn Crystal as the only independent  crystal glass company left along there.
but they are still going strong and keeping up the glass tradition of Stourbridge.



If you are ever in the area of Stourbridge then please come and visit our shop At 3 High Street Amblecote Stourbridge West Midlands DY8 4Bx Tel:01384 397524 We have been in the same location Now for 38 years.


Video Of Our Shop

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